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The Art and Science of Computational Economics

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Information Systems

img Information systems are a modern form of data storage with userfriendly data access. In some subjects information systems are well establishes, like managment information systems in business administration and geographic information systems for geographical analyses. In other subjects like in innovation policy or in public relations, information systems are quite new.

Information system need an active user community!.

29 Jan 2008 . 23:37

Multi Agent Systems

As aditional feature to information systems, multi agent systems are a modern form of mathematical model. Thus they can be used like traditional economic models for a precise formulation of economic theories. As an advantage in comparison to traditional mathematical models it is possible to integrate more complex behavioral assumtions like irrational behaviour.

Like traditional mathematical models, multi agent systems are based on certain amount of data. However due to calculation power of modern computers it is possible to take into account large data sets on economic micro level to simulate system behaviours on the macro level.

29 Jan 2008 . 23:56